Information about parental training in cannabis and other drugs

Mini – Maria Gothenburg is for youngsters and young adults up to the age of 21 who risk having, or already have, problems with alcohol or narcotics. Mini – Maria also helps parents and relatives .

Mini – Maria is located at three places in Gothenburg and you apply to the clinic closest to where you live. At Mini – Maria , we work in team s comprising a social worker, nurse, psychologist, doctor and secretary. Mini – Maria Gothenburg is a collaboration between the municipality and the healthcare system. All visits to Mini – Maria are free of charge for those of you who live in Gothenburg or Öckerö municipality . We have a duty of confidentiality and you can be anonymous at the first visit. When you come to Mini – Maria , you are offered support and help based on your needs and those of your family .

At Mini – Maria , you can talk freely about how things are in life. You can also get help in talking with your family. There are many factors that influence whether you use drugs or alcohol. You might be worried about having been injured by drugs or alcohol; that you have found yourself in di fficult and unpleasant situations; that you have begun to have problems at school, with friends and in the family. Perhaps you feel mentally or physically ill and ha ve difficulty in stopping taking drugs or drinking. If you undergo treatment with us, you u sually have to provide drug samples .

Parents and relatives can come to Mini – Maria alone or together with their youngster. We offer advice and support, e.g. in dealing with what is happening in the family if you discover that your child is using drugs, and how you can support your child in quitting. Mini – Maria also offers a course about cannabis and other drugs which is aimed at parents to teenagers. In the course, you will get to know more about how you can discover that your child is using drugs and how it affects the body. You will also learn how to talk with your child about drugs in an objective fashion .


Norra Hamngatan 8
411 14 Göteborg
Telefon: 031-367 99 40

Öppet för bokade besök:
Mån-ons 08:00-16:30
tors till 19:00, fre till 15:00


Vågmästaregatan 1b
417 02 Göteborg
Telefon: 031-367 93 15

Öppet för bokade besök:

Mån-tors 08:00-16:30
Tis till 18:30, fre till 15:00


Väverigatan 13
Hus B2
415 02 Göteborg
Telefon: 031-367 92 90

Öppet för bokade besök:
Mån-tors 08:00-16:30
ons till 19:00, fre till 15:00

Don’t hesitate to contact us :

Mini – Maria Nord-Ost

Gamlestadsvägen 4 415 01 Gothenburg

Telephone : 031 – 367 92 90

Nearest bus stop : Gamlestadstorget


Mini – Maria Centrum-Väster

Norra Hamngatan 8 401 26 Gothenburg

Telephone : 031 – 367 99 40

Nearest bus stop : Domkyrkan and Stenpiren


Mini – Maria Hisingen

Vågmästaregatan 1b 417 02 Gothenburg

Telephone: 031 – 367 93 15

Nearest bus stop: Vågmästareplatsen